Airei Men’s Spring 2024

This elegant collection’s theme came to Drew Curry when he was driving home his first baby, born in December 2022.  

“I wanted to do the most I could to give him an amazing life. So this season is about dedication — never giving up, fearlessness, all the things that come with inner strength,” Curry explained.

His fashion is simultaneously raw and finely finished, with pure lines, to great effect.


Some coat and shirting silhouettes were pinched around the waistline with handmade stitching. A blazer came with cropped sleeves, while other garments, in gauzy Italian wool, seemed to wrap around themselves, due to their offset buttons and button holes. Welders’ aprons in tan or black denim were created with Churchill Glove Company.

“There’s a strength I wanted to go for in the silhouettes, but also an easiness,” said Curry, adding the artisanal aspect is key.

He carefully chooses fabrics. Fine woven sweaters came in a cashmere-cotton mix, and for the first time, Airei developed its own cotton jacquard in a Kolkata, India-based factory, which also made batik prints on mulberry and dipioni silks for the line.

Curry pared the color scheme back, focusing largely on black, for spring.

He likes people wearing his clothes to be part of the creation process, so for a jacket or pants covered with gauze, the outer layer can be burned away or worn in, to reveal the lower, denim layer.

Models presented the collection while walking slowly around a circle of white prayer flags, prostrating themselves at intervals.

“The presentation is about giving your full self to the journey,” Curry said.

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