ELLE Loves: Movado’s BOLD Horizon Watch

With the addition of “new mother” to my CV this year, my to-do list has amassed many new responsibilities that didn’t always clutter my (typically) well-managed workflow. To be clear: I’m not complaining. I couldn’t be more grateful. But as any parent will attest, child-rearing challenges make life feel foreign and chaotic.

To color my haste state a little more vividly, I’m often hovering over my laptop cramming in as much work as possible while my husband (who runs his own business and works remotely) and I trade off caring for our almost 1-year-old daughter. In fact, as I sit here writing this, I’m racing between tasks and feel like a personal-size tornado. And, ah, my poor dog—he forever feels slighted by our ever-shortening morning walk.

BOLD Horizon Stainless Steel Watch
Movado BOLD Horizon Stainless Steel Watch
BOLD Horizon Gold-Plated Watch
Movado BOLD Horizon Gold-Plated Watch

Savoring the present requires the utmost effort for anyone, especially a new mom. So much so that I barely realized my first Mother’s Day was upon me—know the feeling? In celebration of this special day, I want to gift myself and my family the joy of time by going analog with a Movado BOLD Horizon watch. Indeed, there’s something to be said for a physical symbol representing certain feelings and desires, like my current daily craving: space and time for reflective moments.


Savoring the present requires the utmost effort

This timepiece is handsomely functional, and the refined two-tone links and sophisticated chalk index-dial face are reminders that many of life’s luxuries are quietly elegant. Without the seemingly constant (and heart-rate-spiking) buzz alerts from my usual smartwatch, I can savor more of life’s small moments—indeed, the richest ones—without (as much) distraction. Every wrist glance tells me to avoid slipping into a preoccupied state, and to commit to genuinely enriching pockets of time with my husband and daughter.

BOLD Horizon Rose Gold-Plated Watch
Movado BOLD Horizon Rose Gold-Plated Watch
BOLD Horizon Stainless Steel Watch
Movado BOLD Horizon Stainless Steel Watch

I’ve already challenged myself to start a new day off slower. Instead of racing back to my laptop and jumping on my next story after daycare drop-off, I ordered an iced chai latte to enjoy alfresco on an impressively warm April morning en route home in Brooklyn. I sipped it in the shade of a frond-lined streetside café, easing my shoulders back into the Parisian wicker seat, with my phone tucked in my bag and the delicate weight of stainless steel links on my wrist to not-so-hurriedly track the time. It felt blissful; I started to feel the tick-tock of the barely perceptible Swiss quartz movement after a calming stretch. And as I rose to saunter past historic brownstones, feeling brightened by spring’s tulips and daffodils, I was centered by my newfound ability to cherish time, with Movado by my side.

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