Interior Pre-Fall 2023

At this point, those who follow Interior — the women’s sportswear line designed by Jack Miner and Lily Miesmer — know the brand loves a gimmick. Like dremel-distressed cashmere flannels from spring 2023 or the silken fruit charms and Renaissance revival dresses from spring 2022.

But observers are also used to Miner and Miesmer throwing everything they’ve done in the past out the window — effectively restarting their narrative from scratch. Which is what happened with pre-fall 2023 — a collection that, contrary to what’s come before it, is suddenly minimal and stark.


Miner said the starting point for the collection — layered in crisp poplin, gesso-coated cotton and lightweight silks — was practicality.

“The collection is about bringing a lot of intrigue to highly functional pieces across every touchpoint in a woman’s wardrobe — and in that sense it’s about striking the balance between commerciality and creative umami,” he said.

The brand sees pre-fall as its high summer collection and Miesmer, as a woman working in New York City during the scorching hot months of July and August, felt like she couldn’t find anything appropriate to wear.

“Pre-fall 2023 was all about problem-solving for women’s wardrobes in the dead of summer in New York. We eschewed storytelling in lieu of creating a really product-first collection, even more so than we typically do,” Miesmer said.

It’s true that the women’s market for summer is often cornered into floral chiffon dresses or plain shifts that can fall short of the demands of shoppers who want to look simple and polished while maintaining a sense of personal taste.

So the design duo — who have been friends since high school — set out to create a collection of dream clothes to perspire in. There is a champagne silk set of a deep-V T-shirt and frayed basketball shorts, a fancy T-shirt made of a silk-wool blend that wicks sweat and dainty spaghetti strap cotton dresses that pouf at the hem for a breathable, yet fancy frock.

Now stocked by most luxury retailers, Interior is finally finding its rhythm — if they will only stop there.

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