Keisuke Yoshida RTW Fall 2023

“I was inspired by a 17-year-old boy who I met. He had gone through a really tough time emotionally, but he said my creations helped him to live through it, and that was so touching to me,” Keisuke Yoshida said backstage after his latest runway show. The designer himself had been bullied when he was in school, and so he related to the teenager. So deep was his inspiration, that he even had the boy model his first look of the season.


The first time Yoshida met his muse, the boy gave him a portrait of himself, which inspired the designer to pay special attention to how his clothes this season framed the face. He showed funnel-neck, double-breasted coats, knit turtlenecks and crisp white shirts with high, ruffled collars. Some of his more innovative creations this season were coats whose satin linings wrapped around the neck to form a kind of built-in, criss-cross blouse.

The silhouettes had a severeness to them, with power shoulders, fitted waists and sweeping skirt lengths being recurring themes. But they were softened by a range of luxurious textures, including velvet, lace, wool and vegan leather. Two fitted, plastic-like tops with attached gloves were emblazoned with the word “love” in graffiti-like script all over the torso and arms.

Yoshida’s show was the last of the Tokyo season, and its cohesion, creativity and exquisite construction ended the week on a high note.

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