Malbon Wants More Women to Play Golf

According to the National Golf Foundation, golf is more popular than ever—and not just for guys. Chalk it up to pandemic boredom: the historically male-dominated sport continues to become more diversified, and women now comprise 25 percent of those who play. With statistics like these in mind, cult brand Malbon, known for its golf-inspired streetwear, is doubling down by introducing a long-awaited women’s collection.

“Women are the fastest-growing demographic in the golf space,” CEO and co-founder Erica Malbon tells “Starting this new category obviously felt authentic to me as a woman because I wanted to design product that I could wear on and off the course and feel confident in.”

malbon women

Malbon CEO and co-founder Erica Malbon in Malbon’s women’s collection.

Courtesy Malbon

A golfer from a ripe young age, Malbon credits the sport’s rising popularity to the fact that it can be played in groups and fosters community while still providing a healthy outlet for competition. “There’s a really powerful thing about women playing on an even playing field with men,” she says, adding that she frequently enjoys hitting the green with her husband and co-founder, Stephen, whose passion reignited her interest.

Her first suggestion to get involved? Dress the part. Available starting today, Malbon Women consists of 30 pieces, from windbreakers to blazers, vests, and skirts. Malbon’s personal favorite is the Sylvia dress, a sleeveless fit-and-flare style that she says can be worn anywhere (read: outside the confines of a country club). “Our ideal customer is a woman who is curious about exploring new brands and interested in how she presents herself in the world, which translates into how she chooses to dress,” she adds.

As far as “-cores” go, this one screams feminism.

malbon women

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