Private Policy RTW Fall 2023 

Private Policy creative directors Haoran Li and Siying Qu continued their design ethos of bringing nature into urban settings with their fall 2023 collection, titled “We Are All Animals,” taking inspiration from endangered animals. The runway show hosted at Spring Studios started off with a dance performance inspired by the Japanese folk tale “The Fox’s Wedding” to reflect “the desire to personify animals and adopt their behaviors,” according to the show notes.


The look: Utilitarian-inspired streetwear in a muted color palette. 

Key pieces: The collection is anchored by its sustainable pieces. For outerwear, styles include black-and-white faux fur coats made from upcycled materials and patchwork denim created from clothing donations. 

Quote of note: “We wanted to discuss the relationship between us and animals and how we can really be inspired by them,” Qu said. “In a way, we think about the other animals in nature — they seem to live much more free and they have such a great spirit that we find it very much aligned with Private Policy’s DNA of pursuing freedom.” 

The takeaway: The brand continues to deliver sustainable, plainly designed streetwear that can transcend seasons and trends.   

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