Skims Founder Emma Grede Flexes Vintage Tom Ford’s Infamous Backless Gucci Dress in Glossy Pointy Pumps

Emma Grede shared a video to her Instagram today dressed in vintage Tom Ford-era Gucci from the Italian brand’s infamous autumn 1996 ready-to-wear show.

The short clip saw Grede in her walk-in closet standing before a mirror. The caption briefly reads, “In 1996 Tom Ford designed this dress for Gucci and I died for the entire collection. Needless to say I wasn’t buying Gucci back then! but 26 years later I finally wore the dress and it didn’t disappoint.”


Grede’s dress was long-sleeved, backless and floor-length, made of flowing black fabric. The garment was a bodycon with a mock neckline and had structured shoulders that transitioned into a fitted bodice and breezy skirt.

Sat low on the businesswoman’s waist was a geometric gold plated piece worn like a belt, offering a shiny quality to break up all the black. That same gold-plated detailing was present throughout Ford’s Gucci collection, mimicked in similarly slinky 90s silhouettes inspired by Studio 54.

On her feet, Grede opted for a sharp addition to her ensemble, stepping out in a pair of glossy black pointed-toe pumps that made her look monochrome. The pair featured thin heels, around 3 to 4 inches, triangular toes and a sturdy construction. The footwear is commonplace for many celebrities, Grede included.

Under the guidance of Ford, Gucci went through a metamorphosis from 1990 to 2004, restoring the brand to glory following a brief lull in the 80s. Ford’s 1996 collection stood out from the grunge aesthetics of the time, offering an ultra-tailored and sleek alternative.

Grede is a British business mogul, entrepreneur and fashion designer. She is the CEO and co-founder of the denim company Good American and a founding partner of Skims.

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