Sydney Sweeney Collaborated With Frankies Bikinis to Make You Feel ‘Confident and Free’ in a Swimsuit

This just in: Gen Z’s favorite bikini brand has partnered with the TikTok demographic’s favorite bombshell on a swim collaboration that is sure to heat up summer 2023. The Sydney Sweeney x Frankies Bikinis collection is the brainchild of the Emmy-nominated actress and producer and the Los Angeles-based beachwear brand, who already teamed up to give us a show-stopping fashion moment in season two of Euphoria. Fans of the hit show likely recall Sweeney’s character, Cassie, stepping out in the brand’s Gemma one-piece as an act of rebellion—and a shameless attempt to garner attention from Nate Jacobs—in the notorious hot tub scene at Maddy’s birthday party. In fact, the partnership came about specifically because of that scene. This time though, instead of revenge, the theme is romance.

Gorgeous silhouettes, lace and ruffle details, and a kiss print using Sweeney’s own lips (more on that later) are just some of the design elements you can expect in the capsule. The accompanying campaign, photographed in Rome by Sonia Szóstak, exudes femininity and romance. It could almost be mistaken for a lingerie campaign—the fact that it’s swimwear makes it even sexier and cooler, not to mention more captivating.


Inspired by Italian summer romance, the first release from the collaboration lands on March 14th, with a second drop in early April. Below, Sweeney talks exclusively with ELLE about the collection, where she’s currently wearing the pieces, kissing, and more.

Firstly, why swimwear?

I grew up on the water, always running around in a bikini. If I wasn’t swimming in the lake or the ocean, I was skiing or attempting to surf. So there was always a part of me that wanted to create something that truly felt like me, and with Francesca [Aiello] and her incredible company, we really created something special.

frankies bikinis x sydney sweeney

Sonia Szóstak

I heard the collaboration came about after Francesca saw you wear Frankies Bikinis on Euphoria. Did that episode inspire the overall vibe of the collection?

It definitely sparked the conversation! We met in person at her Venice office and instantly hit it off. We were throwing around ideas and mood boards.

In the press release, you mention that these pieces will “make you feel like your most romantic and sexy self.” Why do you think it’s important to embrace your sexiness?

I think it’s powerful to show the world you are unapologetically yourself. We wanted pieces that made people feel confident and free in their bodies.

The collection is also inspired by “Italian summer romance.” There’s one campaign image in particular that looks almost bridal or religious. What’s the story behind that look?

We felt Rome really captured and invoked the feelings behind the collection. We wanted a space that complimented the details on the pieces, but also somewhere we had the freedom to move and play.

frankies bikinis x sydney sweeney

Sonia Szóstak

Did you get to explore Rome while you were there? Where would you want to wear these pieces next?

I was actually filming Immaculate in Rome during that time, so I was there for four months! I love Italy. I’m in Australia now filming, and wearing my pieces almost everyday. It’s the perfect place: beach, hot, sunny, and romantic!

What’s your favorite piece from the collab and why?

I don’t know if I could pick just one! But I love the cherry bikini pieces—it’s a bit of both Francesca and I.

Walk me through the process of making the kiss print using your own lips. Was it hilarious, hot, or both?

It was both! I was coating on different shades of red lipstick and kissing paper and sending pics to Francesca. And it was this funny back and forth about how much my lips should be parted or [how much] color [I should apply], so my bathroom became covered with pages of my lipstick marks.

The first drop from the Sydney Sweeney x Frankies Bikinis collection is available to shop now at, with a second release following in early April.

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