Taakk Men’s Spring 2024

Ask Taakk’s Takuya Morikawa what inspires him and he’ll tell you that nature is a particular subject of fascination.

In particular, “the fact that large-scale nature is consistent with the very small details put together that become one big whole,” he said through a translator.

Beyond that, or rather in light of this line of thought, he continued to delve into the textile manipulations and innovations that have put him on the map.


In particular, there were further iterations on the grading weaves that help transform an MA-1 jacket into a cotton shirt or teases transparencies out of a figurative jacquard motif. It also worked well to splice fuzzy stripes into relaxed jeans that could look casual or elevated, depending on what you’d pair them with.

Elsewhere, his motifs played on the idea of fractals, mathematical patterns that repeat infinitely until they create complex structures, regardless of their execution as 3D embroideries, jacquard weaves or even a print.

These dressed-up trousers had an over-easy, fluid cut and shorts that could be worn inside or to go out. Jackets ended up having a slightly formal air to them, while fabric flurries made lightweight blousons look substantial enough for the January 2024 delivery the brand mentioned in its collection notes.

Up close, each element, from the texture of a weave to the way a ribbon embroidery looked at once like a flurry of leaves and the outline of a bird, was fascinating. As a whole, the result was as poetic as it was polished.

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