The 8 Best Pedicure Socks to Level Up Your Spa Day

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If you take care of your feet, you probably treat yourself to the best foot creams, foot masks, and regular pedicures. But what do you do when it’s chilly or raining outside and you can’t bring yourself to leave your feet exposed to the elements — even if you’re just running from the salon to the car? You slip on a pair of best pedicure socks, of course.

Made like a normal sneaker sock but with a toeless design, pedi socks are usually made from moisture-wicking fabric with extra details such as anti-skid soles and grips under the toes. Not only do they help to keep the feet warm when traveling home in flip-flops, but they can also prevent freshly pedicured soles from slipping and sliding in cute summer sandals.

Toeless gel socks are particularly brilliant for those with cracked heels — they help your feet absorb all of the luscious creams and lotions applied in your pedicure, rather than leaving most of the moisture behind in your shoe. Super hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil are infused into the fabric of the sock which then transfers onto the skin. You can also these at home before bed, or in between salon visits to maintain buttery soft soles.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of toeless pedi socks, allow us to introduce you to eight of the best you can find. We’ve rounded up our favorites to help you find a pair or two quickly and easily before your next salon appointment. Trust us, once you add a pair of pedicure socks to your foot care arsenal, you’ll never look back.

The Best Pedicure Socks of 2023

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Original Pedi-Sox Spa Pedicure Socks

Best Overall Pedicure Socks 

  • Size range: One size
  • Materials: Acrylic, nylon and Hydrotech
  • Colorways available: Solid white

Original Pedi-Sox are always a go-to for the best pedicure socks, and its Spa Deluxe range takes things one step further. This pair is made from a super-stretch fabric that contains Hydrotech threads to absorb the moisturizers applied to the feet during a pedicure. They’re then gradually released back into the feet to soften the skin on the sole and heels. Wear them to maximize your next foot treatment and keep your freshly painted toes in pristine condition.

What reviewers say: “These are one of the greatest inventions for anyone who has ever struggled to stay warm while having painted toes in cold weather. It’s amazing how much these help keep your feet (and you) warm while painting toes in cold months.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Kitsch Moisturizing Spa Socks

Best Moisturizing Pedicure Socks 

  • Size range: One size
  • Materials: 51% cotton, 39.4% gel, 9% spandex, 0.2% jojoba oil, 0.2% vitamin E and 0.2% olive oil.
  • Colorways available: Solid white

If you struggle with keeping the skin on your heels hydrated, a pair of gel socks can help to lock moisture in. This pair from Kitsch has an insulated gel lining that warms the skin while soaking jojoba oil, vitamin E, and olive oil into the feet. When using at home, just apply lotion to the feet, or slip them on after a professional pedicure to target dry, cracked skin. They come in one size and can be washed easily so you can use them over and over again.

What reviewers say: “I am always bare foot and I get those painful deep cracks in my heels that I have to super glue closed. I am not kidding. These socks have saved my “soul” for sure!!! I wear them to bed and no more cracks in my heels. I am so grateful for these miracle workers!”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Skechers

Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks

Best Anti-Slip Pedicure Socks 

  • Size range: Small and medium
  • Materials: 95% polyester, 5% spandex, silicone grips
  • Colorways available: Black

While these Gaiam socks are officially workout socks, they can also double up as a brilliant pedicure sock, too. The strong silicone grip on the sole adds traction and stability, stopping from you slipping and sliding in your comfortable walking sandals after a pedi. They also come in men’s and women’s sizes and can be thrown in the wash after use. Wear them during a cold snap to keep your feet toasty after a trip to the salon.

What reviewers say: “I have a few styles of yoga socks, but these are my favorite. I love the little elastic straps that help keep them on without extra warmth”.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Gaiam

ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks

Best for Cracked Heels

  • Size range: Small and medium
  • Materials: 95% polyester, 5% spandex, silicone grips
  • Colorways available: Black

There’s only so much a pedicure can do for very cracked heels, so if you need a little extra help, a pair of ZenToes can help. These moisturizing socks are infused with heel-softening ingredients including vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil. Wear them to lock in your favorite foot lotion as you sleep, or wear them post-pedicure to leave your feet extra soft. They’re hand wash only but one pack comes with four pairs and they dry pretty quickly.

What reviewers say: “I bought these at the same time as a foot callus file and some tea tree foot lotion to combat very dry heals that sometimes crack. When I lotion up my files heels and add putting these gel covers over my heels overnight, my heals are beautifully soft in the morning. If you have heel callous issues, I highly recommend what I did: file as needed, lotion, gel heel cover. Superb softness.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Freetoes Toeless Socks

Best Breathable Pedicure Socks 

  • Size range: One size
  • Colorways available: Multiple

Named the original flip-flop sock, Freetoes are supportive and warm while being very lightweight and breathable. Reviewers say that they’re a particularly good option for those with skin conditions such as cracked heels and eczema due to the way they retain moisture from rich creams and lotions. They can also be machine washed and tumble dried–just try to keep the temperature low to maintain the shape of the socks.

What reviewers say: “I wear sandals year-round. Even here in Ohio. These are perfect. Keep my feet warm and lets me wear sandals or flip-flops. Very comfy. Just hope they hold up. But so far, they are perfect.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Selizo Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

Best Color Options

  • Size range: One size
  • Material: Cotton, spandex, and silicone gel
  • Colorways available: Five

These super stretchy pedi socks are made from flexible cotton-blend with a moisturizing silicone gel infused at the heel. This allows them to effectively hydrate dry, cracked skin — especially when teamed up with your usual foot lotion before bed, or after a pedicure. Each set comes with five different pairs of socks, but they can also be washed for multiple uses. We particularly love the variety of pastel shades included in each pack of socks.

What reviewers say: “I always had dry heels and just putting moisturizing cream/lotion wasn’t cutting it. I happened to find heel socks while looking for cracked heel balm. When I received these socks, I just used regular lotion or moisturizing cream and it made a big difference on the very first night. I usually only use the socks while I’m sleeping. My wife saw the difference and was so surprised.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Yacht & Smith Pedicure Socks

Best Budget Pedicure Socks 

  • Size range: 5 to 11
  • Material: 80% cotton, 18% polyester, 2% spandex
  • Colorways available: 3

If you want to bulk-buy several pedi socks at once, this set from Yacht & Smith includes six pairs. They’re infused with a floral fragrance to keep your feet smelling and feeling fresh, and designed to keep the feet warm after a pedicure or at-home treatment. You can also buy them singularly in addition to larger bulk packs if you fancy trying them out before committing.

What the reviewers say: “I love the comfort and the size. They are perfect for me. I actually reordered 6 more pairs.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Tucketts Allegro Grip Socks

Best Pedicure Socks for Summer

  • Size range: S/M and L/XL
  • Material: Recycled cotton, nylon, and spandex
  • Colorways available: Black

Breathable and lightweight, these Tucketts Allegro grip socks are made primarily from recycled cotton. The feature cut outs on the top for comfortable wear on the hottest days. The grippy soles of the socks are ideal for keeping your footing when you slipping into a pair of sandals. Over 1,600 Amazon shoppers give them a full five stars.

What reviewers say: “Love the socks! With the toes out, you still feel that barefoot sense of connection to the floor. Yet, unlike the full socks, there is not so much twisting of them on the feet while doing more active movements, which reduces a lot of annoyance. These socks are super comfy, don’t bug my toes at all, and keep me from slipping.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

What to Look for in the Best Pedicure Socks

  • Fabric: Toeless pedicure socks are usually made from fabrics such as cotton or polyester and woven with a touch of spandex to maintain their fitted shape with a touch of stretchiness. Some pedi socks are also made to offer compression, or finished with silicone grips along the sole and toes. Gel ankle socks also contain moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil, vitamin E, and coconut oil to further hydrate problem areas such as the heels.
  • Style: Pedicure socks are either designed with holes for you to slip your toes through, or are toeless and cut to the ankle. Socks with toe holes usually have grips on the base and often double up as workout and yoga socks. They may also have compression technology and are longer in length, stopping mid-calf.
  • Thickness: The thickness of a pedicure sock doesn’t make any difference to how well it retains moisture, but a thicker sock will obviously keep your feet warmer. Lighter socks can keep the feet better ventilated if you’re wearing them in the warmer months, while a tightly woven sock will offer more support and compression.

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How We Chose the Best Pedicure Socks

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