These Dr. Martens Jadon Boots Never Leave My Feet

I’m trying with all my might not to be a broken record here…but I have to live my truth, and my truth is that I live in the Dr. Martens Jadon platform boot. I confess! I like playing with trends and fads as much as the next fashion editor, but as with many things in life, you can’t undermine the true value of reliables. And this boot is one of my ultimate reliables. In fact, I can guarantee you that I wear these platform combats at least five days a week in the colder months.

The best thing about Dr. Martens is that they really are built to last. Mine have been through years of near-daily wear, schlepping through all kinds of conditions and for far more than the average 10,000 steps per day. They show, at worst, a single scuff on one of the toes, but that’s all. I can wear them in snow, ice, rain, and wind. I can do the most touristy of tours, walking for miles in a foreign city. I can wear them with romantic sundresses or bulky winter layers with the same desired result. The platform Jadon can do it all.


As a 90-year-old trapped in a 25-year-old body, I have to wear custom orthotics (I have arthritis in one of my feet, plus a bum spinal curve), but the molded insoles fit beautifully in these Jadons. I assure you not all shoes can boast the same.

Dr. Martens Jadon Boot Smooth Leather Platforms

Jadon Boot Smooth Leather Platforms

Dr. Martens Jadon Boot Smooth Leather Platforms

Further, as a certified Lazy Girl, I can’t be bothered with actually TYING or UNTYING laces. Are you kidding? It’s 2023. Who does that? I slip in and out of even my gym shoes. That said, the inner zipper on this boot is absolutely crucial.

The biggest complaint against Dr. Martens shoes as a whole is that they have a tough break-in period for some (many) customers. My best friend (who loves and wears hers just as much as I do) can testify that her break-in period was utterly brutal. I dealt with no such thing, fortunately. I don’t think I ever got a single blister, and I have plenty of friends who have had the same experience. In that regard, I guess you have to roll the dice. It’s easier said as someone who hasn’t done it, but I do believe it’s worth it.

Lastly, they are heavy little buggers. When I travel with them, they have to be the shoe I wear on the plane. They would simply take up too much space/weight in a suitcase. But that’s really the only issue the weight presents. It doesn’t feel heavy on my foot. And they’re a breeze to get in and out of in the security line, so no harm, no foul.

I’m at the point where I honestly would genuinely like to stop wearing these. I feel so repetitive. So predictable. Here’s Meg, wearing her Dr. Martens…again. I really would switch it up if I could. But that’s the thing: I can’t. Nothing compares.

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