Victoria Beckham Resort 2024

Victoria Beckham doesn’t want to describe her clothes as simple. She would rather use the phrase uncomplicated.

However, “when you look at the execution of the garments and the detail, they’re actually quite complicated,” the British designer told WWD on a call.

This season she fixated on female characters who go on to become very strong women, with references to Sharon Stone’s way of elegance in “Basic Instinct” as well as Jodie Foster in “Taxi Driver,” but they’re still loose inspirations that are not to be taken too literally, Beckham said.

Sharp masculine silhouettes dominated the resort 2024 collection with oversize cuffs; bootcut denim jeans; column-like overcoats and blazers that don’t slouch; baggy trousers, and dresses draping in a statuesque way on the body.


Beckham said jersey is a big category for her label and she’s emphasized this in the collection with the separates too.

An emerald green top features asymmetric sleeves with one arm being straight and neat, while the other contains volume.

“This is one of my favorite collections to work on because this is the Christmas party season. I’m always designing what I want to wear in the lead up to the festive season,” said Beckham, counting tailoring as a must-have in her wardrobe.

She confidently shares that comfort is never something that she pays too much attention to because, for her, fashion is still a dream, such as the faux fur rabbit coat, which is reminiscent of a coat she had in her youth.

Victoria Beckham Resort 2024

Victoria Beckham Resort 2024 Courtesy of Victoria Beckham

“There are pictures circulating of me and my sister going to a wedding standing up against my dad’s brown Rolls-Royce in the ‘80s and we’re both wearing these little rabbit fur coats. I love how it’s so nostalgic,” explained Beckham, adding that the pieces in the collection are still rooted in reality with a practicality element to them.

She will be showing her spring 2024 collection in Paris again on Sept. 29, which she calls a challenge that excites her and describes as a new chapter for the brand.

According to the company’s private equity investor, NEO Investment Partners, 2022 revenues were up 42 percent to around 58 million pounds with expected further, strong double-digit growth in 2023.

“With the success of beauty, I can create a character with the clothes. The beauty side of the business is growing enormously, very, very fast. My goal and dream is to create a fashion and beauty house of the future — they really do go hand in hand. My time is split very evenly between the two brands,” Beckham said.

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