Sunnei RTW Fall 2023

Simply put, the Sunnei show rocked. Big time.

And this is coming from one of the many members of the audience who had a change of heart after initially giving a firm thumbs down to the show location. A brand shouldn’t leave guests outside having reached full capacity at the location. Actually, it shouldn’t squeeze the audience into a dimly lit hall with no windows in the first place.

But this is Sunnei and playing by the rules isn’t part of its ethos.

In what was one of the most entertaining show concepts they’ve developed so far, Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo sent down the elevated runway installed in their Palazzina headquarters their own team, celebrated as the real rock stars of the company. One after the other they walked the catwalk in bold Sunnei fashions, turned their backs to the audience and stage dived. Boom: instant excitement from the crowd.


There are plenty of reasons why such a gimmick could spark a reaction. First, Messina and Rizzo again showed that ingenuity doesn’t need big budgets, which is heartening news for all the young designers out there. Second, it felt authentic, as the idea and its execution were perfectly in sync with the ‘90s era and rave culture that have always been the duo’s reference. Third, Messina and Rizzo never underestimate the power of participation and empathy, which are probably even more sought-after than clothes in fashion right now.

But clothes are what brought people there and, to compete with the spectacle, the designers developed a collection that took colors and textures to the max. Voluminous crochet furs; furry knits and long, fingerless gloves in striped patterns; metallic coats; washed denim suits and long skirts, as well as boxy T-shirts layered over long-sleeved ones were go-to choices for the Sunnei ravers. Offered in acid tones and vibrant colors, outerwear stood out with its big proportions or flashy patterns, ranging from colorful checks to denim patchworks.

And in signature Sunnei style, the show didn’t lack social commentary. As guests rushed to record the event with their phones, it felt like the experience was mocking modern times and pointing out how people are missing out on living in the moment in favor of securing perfect social media content. As the show notes stated: “forget perfectly perfect perfection and welcome reality.” Apparently, that’s the Sunnei state of mind.

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